Over the past few years, Escondido has seen a surge in population growth, with many young families moving in, and the Jewish community is no exception. The Chabad center will be an address for everything Jewish, providing services to Jews of all denominations and backgrounds in the greater Escondido area. Prayer services, Hebrew school, Shabbat dinners, holiday programs and community events will all run out of the center.

We hope to provide every Jew in Escondido with the opportunity to connect with their heritage and with Jewish tradition. There was a growing need to expand and enrich Jewish life in the Escondido community and after we visited and met many local residents, we decided to make Escondido our home!

Originally from Crown Heights and Flatbush, Rabbi Meir and Chevy Friedman will open the city’s first Chabad house, providing everything and anything Jewish for the community. Holiday programs, Hebrew school, and Shabbat dinners are some of the events that they look forward to hosting.